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For the Love
of Salsa

Our salsa has a very unique flavor that is like no other. All of the ingredients are smoked except for the onions and cilantro so it has a natural smoky flavor. We use mesquite pellets to compliment the ingredients, never do we use liquid smoke. We use all fresh ingredients. The smoking times varies for each ingredient depending on size. The tomatoes smoke the longest time and the garlic smokes the shortest time. Every part of this process is monitored like a baby so we don't over smoke anything.

Our salsa is so diverse we find it enhances our traditional dishes. We turned a regular enchilada into a smoky enchilada by pureeing the salsa and incorporating with the enchilada sauce. Delicious! Make new dishes and dips like smoky guacamole, smoky queso, smoky ceviche and much more. Our salsa isn't just for chips, experiment and post your recipe on our social media. 

Fresh Produce
Salsa with chip and cheese

About Us

We are a family of three based out of South Nampa, Idaho. Alfie has been making smoked salsa for over 20 years. The idea came from having too much wood soaking in water that led him to the store to gather fresh veggies and at the time it was canned tomatoes that were used. We use fresh tomatoes now. It took many attempts to get the recipe down and to work through the hiccups. Until 2022 only our family and friends were able to enjoy our salsa. Our goal is for everyone to open their minds and give it a try. We call this salsa with a wow because that is the most common reaction. 

Who We Are

Alfie at outdoor event
Fresh red salsa with vegetables
Shelby at salsa sampling
Emma at outdoor event
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